Worcestershire Architecture Awards 2017 – Entries and Winners

About the Awards

2017 saw the launch of the Worcestershire Architecture Awards by the Worcestershire Society of Chartered Architects.

The awards have been set up to recognise good architecture in Worcestershire, engage with the public and promote the value that using an architect can bring to the local environment.  A jury consisting of architects and non-architects judged the submissions.

A free exhibition, open to the public was held at The Guildhall, Worcester on Saturday 25th August 2017 from 10am until 4pm.  This was followed by the awards reception.

  • Image copyright Kevin Davis

This celebration of local architects and architecture coincided with the end of the successful Worcester Festival.

The exhibition was also exhibited at the Saw Yard Gallery, Bewdley Museum from 3 March – 29 April 2018.

  • Worcestershire Architecture Awards 2017 - exhibition at Saw Yard Gallery

Entries and Winners

The Worcestershire Architecture Awards 2017 were announced after the open public exhibition at The Guildhall Worcester on 26th August 2017.

Details of all of the entries in each category along with winners and commendations  are below.  Click on the entry name to view the full entry board as a pdf.

Categories 1-6 were judged by a panel of three judges.  Entries were assessed on the basis of the extent to which they demonstrated, in the opinion of the judges, fitness for purpose, elegance of design and the contribution they make to the built environment.

The judges were:

Aaron Chetwynd  – RIBA Regional Chair and Architect

Kevin Singh – Head of Architecture BCU & Architect

John Wilson – Deputy Editor Newsquest, West Midlands

Category 1 – Private House, Worcestershire – Built

  • Hewn House - Vivid Architects


Redhill – Glazzard Architects CATEGORY WINNER

Halfkey Farmhouse – Osbornes Architects. COMMENDED

Hewn House (Phase 1) – Vivid Architects

Twyning Road – Matthew Gullick Architects

Category 2 – Private House, Worcestershire – Unbuilt

  • The Links - Vivid Architects


The Fold – Vivid Architects CATEGORY WINNER

The Links – Vivid Architects

Category 3 – Worcestershire – Built

  • 22 St Georges - Draw Architecture COMMENDED


Stanbrook Abbey Hotel – Howl Associates CATEGORY WINNER

Roback Mews – Draw Architecture COMMENDED

The Keyes Building – Associated Architects COMMENDED

St. Johns Medical Centre – One Creative Environments

Rigby Hall Special School, New Block – Jacobs UK (Worcester)

Chapel House – Herlig Marles

St Andrew’s CE First School – Jacobs UK (Worcester)

Graingers Porcelain Works – Glazzard Architects

Infill Housing – DJD Architects

31 Bridge Street, Pershore – Create.iF

Category 4 – Worcestershire – Unbuilt

  • Trinity House - KKE Architects


Green Skywalk, Worcester – One Creative Environments CATEGORY WINNER

Christopher Whitehead Performing Arts Building – One Creative Environments

Trinity House – KKE Architects

Category 5 – Outside of Worcestershire, Worcestershire Entrant – Built

  • Uttoxeter Hermitage Palliative Care Hub - KKE Architects


Stepping Stone House – Hamish and Lyons CATEGORY WINNER

St David’s Hospice, In Patient Unit – KKE Architects COMMENDED

Domestic Extension – Peter Hunt Architects

Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry – One Creative Environments

Eastnor Landrover Experience – Osbornes Architects

Uttoxeter Hermitage Palliative Care Hub – KKE Architects

Wheelchair Housing – DJD Architects


Category 6 – Outside of Worcestershire, Worcestershire Entrant – Unbuilt

  • Elephant House - Vivid Architects


Huntingdon Crematorium – Howl Associates CATEGORY WINNER

Elephant House – Vivid Architects

Four Winds, Replacement Dwelling – Studio 27

Valley Hotel Extension – Osbornes Architects

Thorford Hall Farm – KKE Architects

Vulnerable Persons Extra Care Facility – One Creative Environments

People’s Choice Award in Association with Newsquest West Midlands

Newsquest West Midlands publish local newspapers across Worcestershire.  8 projects from across all of those entered above were selected by the editorial team, and published in the papers in print and online.  An online vote was organised through the newspaper websites with members of the public voting for their favourite project.

  • Rigby Hall Special School, New Block – Jacobs UK (Worcester)

St Andrew’s CE First School – Jacobs UK (Worcester) PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER

Christopher Whitehead Performing Arts Building – One Creative Environments

Green Skywalk, Worcester – One Creative Environments

Chapel House – Herlig Marles

Rigby Hall Special School, New Block – Jacobs UK (Worcester)

Roback Mews – Draw Architecture