Worcestershire Architecture Awards

Worcestershire Architecture Awards 2018

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Entries and Winners

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About the Awards

The Worcestershire Architecture Awards recognise inspiring new architecture in the county and the work of Worcestershire architects. The Awards successfully engaged the wider community, promoting local architects with a public exhibition of entries at the Guildhall, Worcester, including the presentation of awards.

The exhibition will be displayed again at St Helen’s Church just down the High Street here in Worcester from 22nd September, then for 5 weeks from 13th October in the Henry Sandon Hall, which is part of the redeveloped Royal Porcelain Works.

Exhibition & Awards

Entries were assessed on the extent to which they demonstrate, in the opinion of the judges; fitness for purpose, elegance and imagination of the design, and the contribution made to the built environment or landscape setting.

Three judges were appointed by the Worcestershire Society of Chartered Architects. The judges included a representative of the local community, a practising architect, a professional involved in architectural education.

Project Categories

Entries were invited to the following six categories.

1 Built Private House
2 Unbuilt Private House
3 Built Project in Worcestershire
4 Unbuilt Project in Worcestershire
5 Built Project outside Worcestershire
6 Unbuilt Project outside Worcestershire

Eligible submissions were considered for the People’s Choice Award shortlist. The shortlist will be decided by the editors of the Worcester News.

Submissions are welcomed from students studying architecture on a RIBA validated course.


Projects in Worcestershire (1-4) can be submitted by an eligible entrant based anywhere in the UK.

Projects outside Worcestershire (1-2, 5-6) must be submitted by an eligible entrant based in Worcestershire.

Individual residential projects may only be submitted to categories 1 and 2. Projects in the private house categories may be located anywhere, those which are outside Worcestershire must be by an eligible entrant based in Worcestershire.

Worcestershire will be defined by the boundaries of the local planning authorities within the county.

Submissions in the built categories (1, 3 & 5) must have reached Practical Completion during or after 2016.

Submissions in the unbuilt categories (2, 4 & 6) must not be commencing on site before the end of August 2018.


Entrants must be either a UK registered architect;
an architectural practice at least one of whose principals is a registered architect; or a student studying architecture on a RIBA validated course.

There is no limit to the number of project submissions each entrant can make.

Projects may only be submitted to one project category. Submissions from previous years cannot be submitted again in the same category.

Entry Fee

As a result of the Worcestershire Society of Chartered Architects having been able to secure RIBA Local Initiative Funding, we are pleased to be able offer free entry to RIBA Chartered Practices, RIBA Chartered Members, Fellows, Associates, Graduates, and Student members.

Each submission by other eligible entrants will incur a fee of £35. If a payment is required an invoice will be sent by the WSCA once a submission is received. Prompt payment is required and submissions with outstandinginvoices will not be considered or exhibited.

Non-RIBA entrants who made a submission to the 2017 Awards are entitled to one half price (£17.50) submission.


If you have any queries please contact mail@ribaworcestershire.co.uk

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions are set out in the Entry Form.